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To Boldly Woo: The Romantic Disasters of Jean-Luc Picard | Star Trek

Jen Williams

Principled, erudite, courageous, and cultured, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is quite the catch, yet when it came to love… “Make it no.” Award-winning fantasy author Jen Williams explores Picard’s disastrous romantic entanglements in The Next Generation.



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Stargate SG-1 | Jack O’Neill Living with Loss

George Mole

For those who only know of Stargate from the periphery or have only seen the feature film, Stargate SG-1 may appear to be a simpler sci-fi action/adventure; an entertaining militaristic story exploring new worlds mixed with ancient Egyptian mythology, but ultimately a cable spin off. However, for those who decided to make the leap and go on the show’s ten-year journey, SG-1 means something much more. 

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