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The New Home of Sci-Fi

We’re creating the ultimate companion guide books to your favorite sci-fi shows, each chapter serialized here first for our members.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright has joined The Companion where he’ll be writing at length about his insights on everything from Stargate to the Sci-Fi genre.

We’ve assembled a team of world-class researchers, writers, and artists to bring the ultimate coverage of our favourite stories, one franchise at a time.

    Why The Companion

    Science Fiction shows and films have the highest quality of storytelling and make huge innovative leaps in entertainment and yet it’s still often referred to as a niche. These are the stories that captivate our imaginations and spark our conversations and yet it often plays second fiddle to sports, music, and fashion.

    We’re looking to change that by creating a new platform that features new insights and fresh perspectives from award-winning writers, academic researchers, and original stories from the cast and crew.

    You’ll also find exclusive new article series and podcast shows that bring an exciting new take on your favorite franchises.

    Making the stories you love even better

    Our project is an ever-evolving digital companion. Each franchise will be covered in the form that best fits the story: written word, audio, infographics, and more.

    In order to take you deeper, when we decide to cover a particular theme, we make a commitment to tell multiple stories covering it from all angles. Therefore, our first 3-month topic – Season 1 – will cover the stories that shaped us – the 90s.

    We’ll cover stories untold anywhere else including Stargate, Terminator 2, and Jurassic Park. And of course, expect a few surprises.

    No Clickbait. No Ads.

    We really hate banner ads and we really, really hate annoying pop-up videos covering up our screens. It’s why we’ve created a clean app experience presented in the way the writers had always intended.

    Beyond design, accessibility is also incredibly important with us and we’ve created accessibility options for everyone to enjoy.

    We’ll let our stories speak for themselves.