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Top 10 Moments That Changed Everything in Stargate SG-1 (Video Essay)

Let's be clear here, this isn’t your ordinary Top 10.

We’ve all seen the other websites and YouTube channels talk about the same Top 10 episodes, typical click-bait type stuff. This video is NOT that. Nah, that’s not The Companion way.

We’re literally talking about the precise moments, some so easily missed in an episode because it wasn't even the major plot point, that changed everything.

To compile a list of this magnitude, we consulted experts, we debated for days, scrapped two other versions of this list because they weren’t good enough, and we rewatched the episodes frame by frame (no, we really did) to find these Top 10 Moments. 

Host: Tommy Valentine
Edited: Tommy Valentine
Intense Debate: Lawrence Kao, Tommy Valentine, and Rebecca Davis
Special Thanks to Members on our Discord

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