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Gate to Gate Fitness Challenge 2: From Antarctica to Giza

A community fitness challenge to motivate each other to keep active and support each other as we travel 13,943 miles together as a group!

Our big project for 2024 is Amanda Tapping’s Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom: The Book. 

🌌 What's the Gate to Gate Challenge?

In our first Gate to Gate Challenge in March to May, we had over 200 Companion participants (virtually) travel the distance from Cheyenne Mountain to McMurdo base in Antarctica where the two Stargates are. Now that we’re all in Antarctica, now what? 

A map of the Gate to Gate 2 challenge from Antarctica to Giza
Let's see if we can go 13,943 miles in even less time?

Introducing Gate to Gate Challenge 2: According to our calculations, it’s 13,943 miles through land (and a bit of sea) to travel from the Antarctica base to Giza, where Professor Paul Langford first unearthed the magical metallic ring. 

We will be swimming (paddling/rowing/walking on water) our way to Christchurch, New Zealand, braving our way through the Australian Outback, galavanting through Southeast Asia, taking a straight shot across India, Pakinstan, & Iran, and finishing our virtual challenge in Giza, Egypt. 

The Gate to Gate Challenge Begins Today June 10 and will continue until we make it to Giza. So bring a few of your friends along and let's get to Giza faster, together!

Make sure to sign up as there are always fun surprises along the way, like getting a pep talk during our first challenge from our Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman! 

🏃‍♂️ How to Participate:

  1. Register: Sign up here to officially enlist in the challenge. It’s completely free to join. 
  2. Record Your Miles: Every walk, run, barrel roll, alpine ski, or however you’d like to stay physically fit, screenshot your miles (or km) to us on Twitter (X), Instagram, or Discord.
  3. Share on Socials, Whatsapp, and Group Texts: After each activity, share with your friends on how important your physical and mental health is to you and join the movement.

Use the Hashtag #StargateMentalHealth and Tag us at @TheCompanionApp so we can track your progress.

🏅 Swag Alert: If you would like to purchase an Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom T-Shirt as you (virtually) make your way to Giza, you can visit our shop

Question: Race/Dry-Fit style shirts. Would you be interested in a more sports style shirt for this next challenge? Let us know when you register. 

Know others who would like to join in the challenge? Make sure you share this page with them too!

Let's make every step count!

🌟 The Companion Team