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Brad Wright: How to Recharge Your Creativity

This Brad Wright masterclass will explore finding creative inspiration, the burnout of running two TV series, and recharging your creative energy. It's a can't miss.

Date: Saturday, April 6


"Social Hour" Community Discussion
After the event, we will host 2-Hour Companion Discussion on creativity and recharging your creative spark.

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A few words about the event

Being a Showrunner is one of the toughest jobs in Television. All of a sudden, you are thrust into a position beyond your great writing work, but becoming responsible for all production decisions including casting, art direction, music, cinematography, hiring, and every other creative role. It's a role that can easily lead to mental overload and burnout.

So what happens when you become Showrunner of two shows at the same time?

During the crossover years of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, Brad Wright and his creative team were put in this exact situation. In our past conversations, we've touched on how challenging it was - mixing up storylines, working with different crews. Splitting up screen time for the SG-1 actors based on their existing contracts. We will dive deep into the creative and management details on how they were able to create two incredible shows at the same time.

This conversation will go further into finding that creative inspiration and how to recharge your creative battery when it's hit empty. We hope companion viewers will feel inspired, refreshed, and be able to walk away with tools that will help you with you find your spark.

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