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Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom | Main Page

The Companion’s mission is to revolutionize mental health and wellness through the spirit and community of fandom.

At The Companion, we're on a mission: to uplift a fan community in a world that has become increasingly lonely. With an ambitious goal of creating 1 million life-changing memories for 1 million fans, we've embarked on a journey that has seen incredible moments of connection and support.

In 2024, our big project to do this is with Actress & Director Amanda Tapping by co-authoring a uniquely crowdsourced book with original stories from Amanda and fans. 

June 10, 2024 Update: Our 1st window of Pre-Orders for the book are sold out - Thank You ❤️ Learn more about the book, join the waitlist for our next Pre-Order window, and get updates about the Gorgeous Collector's 1st Edition.

“There's a different level of generosity to sci-fi fandom. We embrace diversity and inclusion. People connect from around the world, this global map of interconnecting lines. It’s that kind of connection where you keep an eye out for each other and if you see somebody struggling, you’d go up and help them, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

- Amanda Tapping, June 3, 2023
A mockup of our mental health book that shows a bookplate and quote from Amanda Tapping.
Our book will be a uniquely crowdsourced book. Each chapter will be themed, led by an original story from Amanda followed by stories from the community. | Designs are mockups may change.

Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom isn't just a book, it's a platform and community. Check out our summer slate of livestream interviews and podcasts from amazing guests from the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

You can ask our guests a question in our Answering Machine too!

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  • Update 8: May 28 - The Companion Origin Story, Brad Wright's How to Recharge Your Creativity, and Amanda Tapping's Panel at Basingstoke Comic Con
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Join our Fitness Challenge

When Amanda is at her best, she’s “fighting” fit by waking up at 5am to head to the gym and then take a relaxing walk in nature before tackling the day. Inspired by work habits, we’ve created a fun community fitness challenge. 

Gate to Gate Challenge: From McMurdo to Giza

Together, let's walk, run, bike, barrel roll (heck, even alpine ski) the 13,943 miles between the Stargate at McMurdo base in Antarctica to the Giza site where Professor Paul Langford first unearthed the magical metallic ring that sent fans across the galaxy.

Want to Join the Purple T-Shirt and Hoodie Gang?

Since running a small batch of Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom T-Shirts and Hoodies at Basingstoke Comic Con, members have been asking if we could produce more. Our 2nd batch has been arriving quickly to members and they look great! 

Want to join the Purple Shirt & Hoodie gang? You can grab one at our Merch Store.

Selection of Past Events

Teryl Rothery: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom - Part 5
Sat, Apr 27 | Livestream with Teryl Rothery
Brad Wright: How to Recharge Your Creativity
This Brad Wright masterclass will explore finding creative inspiration, the burnout of running two TV series, and recharging your creative energy. It’s a can’t miss.
Teryl Rothery: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom - Part 4 | March 2nd
Teryl Rothery, yes Dr. Janet Fraiser, will be making her 1st appearance on The Companion. Members, you’re invited to all of our livestreams including this one and Green Room VIP tickets will also be available.
Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom - Part 3 | Watch Now
Amanda Tapping shares advice on dealing with bullies and so much more.
Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom Part 2 - Watch Now
Amanda Tapping returns for part 2 of her Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom series. As part of this series, we have raised over $14,000 for mental health charities.
Watch Stargate’s Amanda Tapping Talk About Mental Health
Amanda Tapping discusses the healing power of Stargate fandom and the effects of COVID-19 on mental health in this huge video interview.