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About The Companion

Quaid entering Rekall

Our Mission

To create the most special, fun, and welcoming place where as a geek, you can be yourself and bring you closer to the creators, actors, experts...and each other.

We launched The Companion in October 2020 during lockdown on this shared belief: Geeks deserve a high quality home just like fans of sports, fashion, music, and other "premium" genres. To do this, we needed to create a platform that didn't need to chase clicks or push fake rumours. Fandom is so fractured on social media and click-bait websites. Your time is important, and so is ours.

In this spirit, we brought together two dozen fans to help shape what eventually became The Companion Bill of Rights and we urge you to hold us accountable for living up to the mission:

  • We will sacrifice scale for quality, never becoming a content or rumour mill.
  • Authentic stories are paramount, putting the pressure on us to provide the highest level of scrutiny.
  • Where possible, co-create with the creators, actors, and experts of the shows directly; therefore, our productions will be more honest and authentic than anywhere else.
  • Constantly and consistently support new and diverse voices.
  • Create a positive community, one that uplifts one another, and be a positive force for fandom overall.
  • Find and tell stories that may surprise you.
  • Try new things, even if we fail.

Supported by Membership Fees

In order to create a sustainable home of in-depth, authentic, and high quality stories, we needed to try a different model than the standard advertising-funded model.

By using a membership model via subscription, we are beholden to you, our members. We can afford to publish 3,000 word essays on the multi-verse, take the time to uncover stories about mysterious theme park rides, and invest in innovative projects like Stargate A.I. Your continued support allows us to keep pursuing unique content you won't find anywhere else.

Stories Worth Your Time and Delivered into your Inbox

Thank you so much for joining The Companion and becoming a member. You'll have access to our full library, now with over 250 stories from oral histories to long-form analysis on our favourite shows and films. Consider us your very own private geek library.

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My recommendation, subscribe to them all. We never send you spam or crap, so you'll just be getting awesome stories or a heads up on a wicked event! 

Connect with us on Social Media

Many of you likely came for content, whether that's an awesome piece of writing or an unforgettable event, but many of our members have found the most valuable part of The Companion experience is meeting other people just like them. Come and hang out in our Discord.

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Meet the Team

Hi Companion, welcome aboard! A few of you wanted to get to know more about our small team behind the scenes. Click here to learn more about the team that deliver you this hot content each week.

Over time, hopefully you'll start to fall in love with a particular author's style or a podcast host's personality. Click here to find out more about them and their articles, podcasts, and videos.

Accessibility on The Companion

As you know, we're big believers that fandom should be as welcoming and enjoyable for everyone, and so our website should be no exception to that. Find out what we've done to aid in accessibility by clicking here.

Causes and Non-Profits We've Supported

Over the past two years, we've been making small donations to various non-profits, oftentimes spearheaded by the wonderful guests we've had on The Companion. These donations are only possible because of you and we wanted to spotlight these organizations:

Special Effect - A UK-based Charity specialising in helping physically disabled people, specifically children, play video games.

Voices of Children Foundation - Providing psychological support to children affected by the war in Ukraine.

British Columbia Children's Hospital in Vancouver - In conjunction with Paul McGillion.

Hollywood Food Coalition - Providing hunger relief. In conjunction with John Billingsley.

Planetary Society - Advancing space science and exploration. In conjunction with Robert Picardo.

Lifewater Canada - Bringing safe and accessible water to people in Africa and Haiti. In conjunction with Torri Higginson.

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - In conjunction with Jonathan Frakes.

Mind - A UK charity that fights for mental health support for everyone. In conjunction with Amanda Tapping.

NAMI - The largest grassroots mental health organization in the United States. In conjunction with Amanda Tapping.

Kids Help Phone - Canada's only 24/7 e-mental health service offering support to young people. In conjunction with Amanda Tapping.

Maui Nui Strong - Providing support for the Maui wildfires relief. In conjunction with Jewel Staite.

Canadian Red Cross - Supporting the British Columbia wildfire relief. In conjunction with Jewel Staite.