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Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer with John Billingsley, Armin Shimerman, Kitty Swink & Juan Carlos Coto

A stellar panel for Pancreatic Cancer awareness and truly a community, heartwarming feeling.

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As the New Year dawns, we embark on a journey of hope and solidarity. We're excited to announce the much-anticipated event, "Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer," featuring a stellar lineup of Star Trek legends: John Billingsley, Armin Shimerman, Kitty Swink, and Showrunner Juan Carlos Coto. Hosted by the dynamic John Billingsley and Rebecca Davis, watch below:

Hosts: Rebecca Davis and Star Trek's John Billingsley
Producers: Rebecca Davis and Lawrence Kao

Who are Armin Shimmerman and Kitty Swink?

Armin Shimerman, renowned for his portrayal of Quark on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” has graced our screens with a multitude of memorable performances. His career spans decades, with roles in theatre, television, and film, demonstrating his versatile acting prowess.

Kitty Swink, Armin's talented wife and an accomplished actress in her own right, has shared the stage and screen with her husband on several occasions, including in “Star Trek.” Her diverse career highlights her remarkable range and commitment to her craft.

Together, not only have Armin and Kitty captivated audiences with their performances, but they have also been at the forefront of raising awareness and support for pancreatic cancer through PanCan.

Who is Juan Carlos Coto?

Journalistic Beginnings: Starting at the Miami Herald, Juan Carlos developed a keen sense for storytelling.

Transition to Television: His move from journalism to TV was marked by his early work on "New York News," setting the stage for a distinguished career in screenwriting.

Showrunning and Producing: His role as showrunner for "From Dusk Till Dawn" and work on series like "24," and "9-1-1" highlight his versatility and skill in the supernatural and action genres.

Support for PanCAN:
In the wake of his brother Manny's battle with pancreatic cancer, Juan Carlos Coto turned his grief into action. He became a passionate ambassador for PanCAN, driven by a personal mission to contribute to the fight against this devastating disease. His advocacy aims to bring awareness and support to research efforts, hoping to prevent other families from experiencing similar loss.

Inspired by his brother's legacy, Juan Carlos Coto continues to make a difference both on-screen and in the community, showing that the power of storytelling can extend far beyond entertainment, into realms of real-world impact and change.

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