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New Stargate Series and New Movie in Works at Amazon

New Stargate movie could kick off a new series according to Deadline, but no sign of the original cast or creators.

The venerable Deadline reports that a new Stargate series and a new movie/s are currently being discussed at Amazon, with the movie “likely going first.”

It’s not a huge surprise to learn that Stargate (along with Robocop) is a priority for Amazon now that the $8.5 billion MGM purchase has bedded in – they were on the list mooted by industry insider Jeff Snider back in March – but this is the first time one of the major news sites has weighed in.

What is new is the suggestion that it could open with a new movie, which totally makes sense. After all, Amazon recently found its cinema legs with the $100 million release of Creed III, and a new blockbuster Stargate movie would be a fantastic way to kick off a new series in style. That’d hopefully give a new Stargate series a much better chance of survival than so many series hyped by the streamers and then painfully dropped by the wayside.

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