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Stargate Reboot With Henry Cavill? Fact Check Says... Probably Not

Rumor debunked: Amazon Prime Video is most likely not rebooting Stargate with Henry Cavill.

To quote Alien3 (1992): “This is Rumor Control. Here are the facts!”

In the latest Stargate reboot rumor, FandomWire asks: “Is Amazon Cashing in Henry Cavill For a Stargate Series?”

As always with the wilder “new Stargate” stories: check the sources. Sometimes the source isn’t even credible or doesn’t say what the story claims it’s saying.

The article cites The Hot Mic with Jeff and John (both friends of The Companion, as it happens). This passes our first test: Jeff Sneider has a great track record for breaking stories, and in this update shares a little of what he’s been hearing is Amazon’s priorities now they have the MGM catalog to rummage through.

He goes on to list Stargate, Thomas Crown, Legally Blonde, Rocky, Poltergeist, and Robocop, opining on the form that they might take. John Rocha presses him for any noises he might have heard about showrunners or castings...

...and he says it’s too early. Boom. It falls on the second test.

FandomWire’s source literally debunks their own story.

The Henry Cavill link does not come from this conversation. FandomWire has put together two completely different stories linked only by the fact they involve Amazon Prime Video – Henry Cavill’s Warhammer 40,000 project and a potential new Stargate series –  in order to generate clicks.

It’d be impressive if it wasn’t so dishonest.

Source: Fandomwire

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