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Babylon 5: The Road Home UK Rating Reveals Mild Spoilers

The details behind the British 12 certificate for Babylon 5: The Road Home contains some very mild plot details.

The eagerly anticipated Babylon 5 animated movie, Babylon 5: The Road Home, has been given a 12 rating by the British Board of Film Classification(BBFC).

This is the British equivalent of the PG-13 rating the film has already been given by the MPAA, but what is interesting are the individual content warnings.

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If you’re concerned about spoilers, even super trivial ones... look away now.

Moderate violence is fantastical, with humans engaging in gunfire with alien creatures. Impacts of shots are visible, but are largely undetailed and resulting in only brief sight of blood. Sequences contain threat from alien invasions and planetary explosions.
There are occasional bloody images, such as blood spatter showering a character after an alien is shot and destroyed.
Bad language is mild ('crap'), accompanied by other milder terms ('freakin'', 'hell', 'God' and 'damn'). There are also very mild sex references.

The run time, by the way, is 78 minutes and 40 seconds.

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