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Stargate | 14 Valentine’s Cards to Send to Your First Prime

Here are 14 sometimes sweet, occasionally sexual, and wholly Stargate Valentine’s Day cards for the Gater in your life.

Valentine’s Day is here and I have no doubt most of you have forgotten. Not me, mind you, I’m like a furry Cupid making sure that love’s rose-red arrow is sailing in your direction.

This furry cupid fluttered about in PhotoShop to create 14 increasingly smutty Stargate-themed Valentine’s cards for you to Sha’re with your A-bae-dos. I won’t say they’re good – after all, I have quality sci-fi writing to curate – merely that they are “of a certain standard.”

They get filthier from here. Brace yourself.


This article – if that's not too grand a term – was first published on February 7th, 2022, on the original Companion website. It has been updated with the cards from a later post and a new one.