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December 2022

Christopher Judge | Elevating Black Voices in Sci-Fi – Watch the Full Video
Christopher Judge: Elevating Black Voices in Sci-Fi is a panel discussion on where we’ve come from and where we’re going next.

November 2022

The X-Files | Frank Spotnitz Storytelling Masterclass – Watch the Full Video
Whether you’re an aspiring Oscar winner or just looking to finesse your creative writing skills, the Frank Spotnitz Storytelling Masterclass will take your craft to the next level.
Star Trek | 14 Fiery Quotes from Marina Sirtis – Watch the Full Video
Star Trek royalty Marina Sirtis spills the Earl Grey on Deanna Troi, fighting for her voice, and why she left L.A. for London in To Boldly Ask…

October 2022

Star Trek | How Robert Picardo Shaped Voyager’s Story – Watch the Full Video
From ‘‘Someone to Watch Over Me’ to the Doctor’s real name, Robert Picardo explains how he shaped Star Trek: Voyager’s story in the new To Boldly Ask…
Stargate | Our Heroes Reunite in Stargate A.I. v3.0 Atlantis – Watch the Full Video
Stargate Atlantis icons Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, and David Hewlett reprise their roles for Stargate A.I. v3.0 Atlantis.
Star Trek | John de Lancie Shares His Q Origin Head Canon – Watch the Full Video
John de Lancie reflects on Q’s secret origins and evolution from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Star Trek: Picard in the new episode of To Boldly Ask…
Star Trek | George Takei on Coming Out and Captain Sulu – Watch the Full Video
Actor and activist George Takei on coming out, memories of the late Nichelle Nichols, and fighting for command of USS Excelsior in To Boldly Ask…

September 2022

Star Trek | Jonathan Frakes Defends Discovery – Watch the Full Video
Jonathan Frakes talks Star Trek: Discovery’s trolls, the brilliance of Blu del Barrio, and leading by example in our new video series, To Boldly Ask...

August 2022

The X-Files | Doggett and Reyes Weren’t Done – Watch the Reunion Video
Frank Spotnitz, Robert Patrick, and Annabeth Gish reunite for a live panel and audience Q&A on The X-Files Season 8, Season 9, and what might have been.

July 2022

Stargate Legacy: Children of the Gods Turns 25 Live Replay
The Home of Sci-Fi Fandom

June 2022

Watch Jewel Staite: Uplifting Women in Film & TV Full Video Interview
From X-Files child star to Firefly‘s Kaylee Frye, Jewel Staite tells her story in this video interview.

May 2022

Ed Kramer’s CGI Secrets Full Video
The Home of Sci-Fi Fandom
Stargate | Jack is Back for Stargate A.I. v2.0 – Watch the Full Video
See Stargate SG-1 stars Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill, Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter, and Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson in Stargate A.I. Version 2.0

April 2022

Watch Quantum Leap’s Deborah M. Pratt: Uplifting Women in Film & TV Full Video Interview
Ahead of the new show, Quantum Leap co-creator and voice of Ziggy, Deborah M. Pratt reflects on her career in this video interview.

February 2022

Video | Richard Dean Anderson Q & A Replay
The Home of Sci-Fi Fandom

January 2022

Video | SG-1’s Richard Dean Anderson in Conversation with Brad Wright
The Home of Sci-Fi Fandom

November 2021

Stargate | SG1/Atlantis Team Up for Stargate A.I. v1.0 – Watch the Full Video
Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Jewel Staite, and David Hewlett reprise their roles for Stargate A.I. v1.0.

September 2021

Stargate A.I. Beta - Watch the Full Video
Stargate Atlantis icon and tech evangelist David Hewlett samples the very first new Stargate material from our A.I. experiment.

May 2021

Watch Amanda Tapping: Uplifting Women in Film & TV Full Video Interview
From Stargate SG-1 and Sanctuary to stepping behind the camera for Motherland: Fort Salem, Amanda Tapping shares her journey in this video interview.

December 2020

Video: Watch Brad Wright’s 90-Minute Interview With The Companion | Stargate
The Home of Sci-Fi Fandom