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The X-Files | Frank Spotnitz Storytelling Masterclass – Watch the Full Video

Whether an aspiring screenwriter or a would-be author, the Frank Spotnitz Storytelling Masterclass will take your craft to the next level.

This 90-minute masterclass is filled with insights from The X-Files writers’ room, tried and true techniques that brought Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle from page to screen, and lessons learned in the making of Frank Spotnitz’s most recent shows, Netflix’s Medici and The CW’s Leonardo.

Spotnitz was joined by a panel of experienced writers who asked questions throughout the class to bring you more meaningful career guidance and practical advice that you can put to immediate use.

They were:

  • A.J. Black, host of The X-Cast, author of Myth Building in Modern Media, and The Companion regular
  • Molly Flatt, journalist, and author of The Charmed Life of Alex Moore
  • Colleen Evanson, writer of Disney's DuckTales, Netflix's Kid Cosmic, and Pixar's Monsters at Work

Frank Spotnitz wrote or co-wrote more than 40 episodes of The X-Files, and was nominated three times for a Primetime Emmy for his work on the series. He is credited as Producer, Co-Executive Producer, and Executive Producer on five seasons of The X-Files, and the two movies; Fight the Future (1998) and I Want to Believe (2008). He also wrote five episodes of Millennium and co-created The Lone Gunmen with Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, and John Shiban.

Through his production company Big Light Productions, Spotnitz created The Man in the High Castle for Amazon Prime, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, Medici for Netflix, and most recently, Leonardo, starring Aidan Turner, which premiered on The CW in August 2019.

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