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Where to Watch Farscape in the US and UK as of March 2023

Updated March 14th, 2023: This is how you can stream Farscape episodes online for free in the UK and US.

Farscape fans may be few, but they are proud and Peacock garnered some deserved plaudits late last year when all four seasons of the show, plus The Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, arrived on the streamer.

It’s just nice to be thought about, isn’t it? It’s a sign that someone somewhere in the industry still cares about this gleefully anarchic space opera of ours.

With that in mind, it seems like a pretty good time to list exactly where you can stream Farscape in the US and UK right now, including a fair few outlets where you can get it for free.

For convenience, we’d recommend Plex where you can stream Farscape on-demand for free in HD in both the US and the UK. For the fandom, we’d recommend streaming it live on Shout! Factory TV, which is also available in both territories. Shout! Factory is the current licensing partner for the Jim Henson Company and you never know what our support might unlock...

Farscape on Peacock (US Only)

As mentioned above, all four seasons of Farscape are streaming on Peacock in HD alongside The Peacekeeper Wars.

Peacock costs USD $4.99 a month or USD $49.99 a year, which is the equivalent of nearly 2 months free.

Farscape on Sling TV (US Only)

Sling TV is a free ad-supported live streamer in the US and is an appropriate home for Farscape, being as it was a slingshot maneuver that got John Crichton into this whole mess.

Sure, that’s a pretty thin connection, but when you’ve somehow talked yourself into writing umpteen different combinations of “Farscape is on [channel]” you get your kicks where you can.

Like Pluto TV there's a 24-hour Farscape channel and a tip from u/grifter179 on r/Farscape is: If you add it to your watchlist, you can then watch the episodes on-demand.

Farscape on Pluto TV (US Only)

As with Sling TV above, Farscape airs with ads on Pluto TV and can also be streamed on-demand for free.

Farscape on Comet TV (US Only)

Farscape can also be found on cable/satellite channel Comet TV, which is pretty much the first name in retro sci-fi (sorry, Farscape is retro now).

You can get Comet TV through Apple TV, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, Roku, Sling TV, Dish Network, and Sinclair’s Stirr. Check out which Farscape episode is airing when here.

Farscape on Roku

All four seasons of Farscape are available on the Roku Channel in both the US and UK, along with The Peacekeeper Wars as part of the free service.

Farscape on Pluto TV (US Only)

Farscape is also available on Pluto TV in the US.

Farscape on Plex

Farscape is available in HD for free on Plex in both the US and the UK.

Farscape on Amazon Prime Video

Farscape is available for free with your Amazon Prime membership in the US. You can subscribe with a 30-day free trial – after that, you pay US $14.99 per month for the full Prime membership or $8.99 for Prime Video only.

Sadly, Farscape was yanked from Amazon Prime Video in the UK without much notice after only a year with the service.

If you’d rather own the show and not entrust it to whatever esoteric rites are used by studios to strike their licensing deals, you can buy individual episodes for USD $2.99 and GBP £, or USD $19.99 for each season

Farscape on Google Play (US Only)

If you’re in the US, you can also buy the show at a slightly cheaper price on Google Play for USD $1.99 per episode or USD$17.99 per season.

Farscape on Shout! Factory TV

As part of a recent distribution deal, Farscape (and the rest of the Jim Henson Company TV library such as The Storyteller,) is now available from Shout! Factory in the UK and US.

You can stream Farscape live here as part of Shout! Factory TV’s rolling Farscape channel.

You can also subscribe to Shout! Factory TV through Amazon Prime Video with a seven-day free trial after which you pay USD $2.99 and GBP £2.99 per month. You do need an Amazon Prime Video membership though, which makes this fairly prohibitive if all you want is Farscape...

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