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To Boldly Ask... | Jonathan Frakes Talks Trolls and Trek Past and Present

An audio-only version of Episode 1 of To Boldly Ask. Star Trek icon Jonathan Frakes offers his unique perspective on the long-running science-fiction franchise and shares stories he's never told before.

"Number One" both in front of and behind the camera of two distinct eras of Star Trek, Jonathan Frakes has perhaps the most unique perspective on the science-fiction phenomenon.

That made him the perfect guest to kick off To Boldly Ask... our video interview series hosted by former Editor and decades-long series insider, Ian Spelling. Frakes spoke about his work in support of PanCan, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and we donated on his behalf. If you enjoy the interview, we’d encourage you to donate today to help fund research, resources, and support for those affected.

Presented here as an audio-only version, Jonathan talks about behind-the-scenes shenanigans on The Next Generation set, defending Discovery from trolls, and how both he and Star Trek have impacted one another over the years, as well as more personal stories he's never told before.

This is an audio-only version of Episode 1 of To Boldly Ask... If you're a member and want to watch this event, you can find it here.
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