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To Boldly Ask... | George Takei on Racism, Mortality, Nichelle Nichols and More

An audio-only version of Episode 2 of To Boldly Ask. George Takei reflects on racism in America, wrestles with his mortality, and recalls stories of Nichelle Nichols and the legacy of Hikaru Sulu

In Episode 2 of To Boldly Ask... actor and activist George Takei is in the center seat reflecting on how much, or how little as the case may be, both Star Trek and the world have changed since the show first aired in 1966.

The Original Series alum discusses the hard-hitting subjects of racism in America, his journey of coming out and being in the spotlight, as well as sharing behind-the-scenes stories of the late Nichelle Nichols and how he fought for Hikaru Sulu.

This is an audio-only version of Episode 2 of To Boldly Ask... If you're a member and want to watch this event, you can find it here.
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