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Star Trek | Marina Sirtis Podcast Video Interview

Star Trek royalty Marina Sirtis spills the Earl Grey on Deanna Troi, fighting for her voice, and why she left L.A. for London in To Boldly Ask…

This episode of To Boldly Ask... is a little bit different. When it comes to answering difficult questions, Marina Sirtis needs no urging. The London-born Betazoid shares with veteran Star Trek correspondent Ian Spelling the commonalities between football and fandom, her return to the serene ship’s counselor Deanna Troi in Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks, and how her difficult upbringing shaped her approach to life.

They come no bolder than Marina Sirtis. Join us as we celebrate her unapologetically outspoken style with 14 fiery quotes that demand to be shared!

1. Marina Sirtis is not Deanna Troi

Sure, this is kinda obvious. She’s an actor, we get that, but the extent to which Marina Sirtis is not Deanna Troi cannot be overstated.

“The only thing that Deanna and Marina have in common is we’re the same height. That’s it. We are total opposites. She’s kind of non-judgmental, and I am mean and judgmental. She’s very tactful – I’m not. I opened my mouth and put my size 10s in with alarming regularity. The challenge in playing Deanna was keeping Marina out.”

2. Maria Sirtis is not Method

“I’m not a method actress. I have my own method. I learn my lines, I hit my marks, and I try not to bump into the furniture. And if it was good enough for Spencer Tracy, it’s good enough for me.”

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