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The Companion Answering Machine & Mailbox!

Do you have a question for one of us or an upcoming Companion guest? It's like our own personal voicemail. And we also love funny and quirky questions! Don't be shy 🙃

Do you have a burning question to ask one of our next guests? 

Do you want to know which Pokemon Lawrence would choose to form the greatest SG Team? 

Maybe you want to give your opinion on the age-old question on which is a better super power: Flight vs Invisibility?

Record your question to our Answering Machine:

If you want to send a written question, you can email us at with the Subject Line: Mailbox and that'll help us organize things.

Click the link to check out our upcoming guests.

By recording or writing a question for a guest, you are giving The Companion permission to use the question in a livestream or pre-recorded interview. We may use questions for other guests if deemed appropriate.