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Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to operate the Stargate? We've got just the man to teach you.

Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman (Gary Jones) will take 28 new recruits under his wing and give them a crash course on Gate Tech Operation in our new interactive virtual event.

This is your chance to take on the character of an SGC employee and act alongside fan-favorite Stargate SG-1 actor. You're encouraged to come dressed in your Stargate cosplay, but this is not a requirement. If you haven't heard of closet cosplay, here's a handy resource for you.

Of course we want you to participate!  This is only as good as you make it!  That being said, if you want to attend, but you are nervous you can let us know what level of participation you are comfortable with and we will take note. Or even if you just want to attend with no participation, that is completely fine as well!

You are encouraged to prepare two sets of questions:

  • Think of questions in your “character,” a gate operations student.
  • We will allow for some time at the end for more general questions for Gary Jones.

Your shift starts on Saturday 11 March 2023 at 2 pm ET, 11 am PT, or 7 pm GMT.

Paid and free members will be able to buy tickets at a discounted price of $149 USD right here, so make sure if you're not a member yet, to sign up now.

Or, you can buy a ticket at full price below:

*Your tuition includes a “Certified Gate Tech” patch and certificate of completion.


What do you mean by "roleplay experience"?

Participants are encouraged to take on fictional role to interact and create a collaborative storytelling experience. You will be able to create your own character and interact with the Gary Jones as Walter Harriman in order to create a cohesive improvised narrative.

Do I need to act?

You certainly don't have to, this event is about having fun first and foremost. If you want to just sit back and enjoy the show, you'll still have a once in a lifetime experience. A Stargate actor will be performing, in character, just for you and your fellow attendees!

What is 'Cosplay'?

Cosplay, short for "costume play," is when individuals dress up in costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. Some spend large amounts of time and money on their costumes, but others just use what they already have. No judgement though, it's all about having fun!

Will there be a script I need to follow?

No, there won't be a script. Gary is a professional improv actor and a master of the "Yes, and...". This means whatever you say, he'll react to, and whatever he says, you can react too. There are no wrong answers!

What else will I get as part of my ticket price?

In addition to the how long zoom call, speaking with Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman, you'll also get the chance to ask actor Jones anything you want about long tenure on Stargate SG-1. We'll also send you an (unofficial) certificate for completing the 'Gate Tech 101' course and a patch!

Can I rewatch the event after it's finished?

Yes! All attendees will be sent a recording of the session so you can add it to your next Stargate SG-1 rewatch and it'll feel like a bonus episode that YOU were part of. How cool is that?!

The event will be recorded. You will receive a private link to the recorded event shortly after its completion. We encourage you to share any of it on your own socials! We also reserve the right to use clips from the event in our own promotional materials.

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