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Event: Elevating Asian Voices in Television with Simone Bailly & the Kao Brothers | Sat, Mar 23

Sat, Mar 23 | Livestream & Yoga Session with Simone Bailly

Join prolific actress Simone Bailly (Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville), Emmy-Award Winning associate director Franklin Kao (Thursday Night Football, Inside the NBA), and me, Lawrence Kao (Founder at The Companion) for this unique livestream. Afterwards, join Simone in the Green Room for a private yoga session. We will also be hosting Social Hour.

Date: Saturday, March 23

  • 12 Noon PT & 3PM ET (remember daylight savings)
  • 7 PM GMT
  • 6 AM for our Sydney-based friends

Ticket Info:

Your ticket to the livestream is FREE, but please redeem your ticket so we can estimate attendees. There is no code this time, and thank you for registering by clicking here. Aside from being a prolific actress, Simone Bailly is also a certified yoga instructor and will be teaching a private session of 8 Limb Yoga that will include postures and breathing for $40. Ticket proceeds will go towards empowering female filmmakers. 

Yoga Session (Livestream included), click here $40

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A few words about the event

Asian characters have had a long history of being featured in American films as early as 1896; however, it was historically common to hire white actors to portray the Asian characters.

Over the last decade, a movement of Asian-led films and television shows, have paved the way for a huge momentum of Asian faces to star on screen including the 2018 hit film Crazy Rich Asians, 2019 Oscar-Winning Film for Best Picture Parasite, 2021's Marvel Cinematic Universe film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021 must-see series in lockdown Squid Game, 2022 Oscar-Winning Film for Best Picture Everything Everywhere All At Once, and 2023 Emmy Award Winning Beef.

Hmmm, I just realized Asians didn't do a lot in 2020...oh wait, there was a pandemic...and we did launch The Companion so there's that.

However, even with this rise of Asians in front and behind the camera, my recent conversations with my friend & actress Simone Bailly and my brother & Emmy-Award winning associate director Franklin Kao, suddenly made me realize a new set of challenges for Asians in the industry, issues that I had never previously considered, have emerged.

I want to thank all of you wonderful Companions to allow me elevate this conversation to you as we bring in our incredible guests Simone Bailly and Franklin Kao for what will be an interesting, deep, and incredibly fun conversation.

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