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Battlestar Galactica’s Edward James Olmos Shares His Cancer Story

Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner icon Edward James Olmos speaks publicly about his throat cancer treatment and learning to appreciate life.

This might be triggering so proceed with caution.

Edward James Olmos, a man whose magnetic presence brought Battlestar Galactica’s Admiral Adama into being, recently revealed that he had been receiving treatment for throat cancer.

Speaking on the Mando & Friends Podcast, Olmos said:

“This would be the first time publicly I'll be coming out and saying it, but I had throat cancer.
“I just finished getting through it. December 20 was my last radiation. The week before, I'd finished my chemo and months and months I was on radiation and chemo as it attacked my throat.”

Olmos – who also appeared in Blade Runner (1982) as the enigmatic Gaff – explained that he lost 55 pounds during the treatment, and he was warned that his iconic whisky-warm tones were at risk as the radiation therapy targeted his vocal cords.

“There were times in the months that I was undergoing the treatments that the body gives up. And I didn’t want to take my food through my stomach. They wanted to put tubes in and feed me nutrients because I couldn’t swallow. They had to get 2,500 calories into my body every day. That was ridiculous, that was so hard.”

Fortunately, Olmos is now on the mend and regaining his strength.

“It was an experience that changed me, the understanding of how wonderful this life is. I've been through some experiences that have gotten me close to death, but that was close.”

We’re sending this incredible man all the strength we can muster.

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