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Stargate A.I. v2.0

As fans ourselves, everything we do is to create the best fan experiences possible. Like with everyone here, we’d love nothing more to see Stargate come back, so that’s why we’re doing Stargate AI.

Watch Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping & Michael Shanks in the Stargate event of 2022 – Available On-Demand Now.

Celebrate Stargate SG-1’s 25th Anniversary by returning to the world of Stargate AI. Watch  Jack O’Neill reunited with Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter for the first time in 12 years, as Richard Dean Anderson steps back into his most enduring role for Stargate A.I. Version 2.0 – only on The Companion.

Can Artificial Intelligence Write a Stargate Script?

From Stargate TV Series Co-Creator Brad Wright and Google AI’s Laurence Moroney: Every line of dialogue and stage direction is written by Artificial Intelligence.

Following the premiere of this world first event we are producing a refined edit to be made available on demand for all members to access.

Try us out for free and get your event invite. You can also enjoy the feature length video of the first Stargate A.I. Cast Table Read.

Members are invited to all of our events and access hundreds of our Stargate & Sci-Fi articles, podcasts and event videos.

Who’s in?

Richard Dean Anderson returns as Jack O’Neill
Michael Shanks returns as Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping returns as Samantha Carter

If you are a Stargate fan you have to see this!

What Happens?

Some cool moments to look out for in Stargate A.I. Version 2.0 include a super-cool visualization of Jack O’Neill’s “A.I. brain” which shows just different he is when interacting with Samantha Carter, the artificial intelligence writing itself into the scene and giving itself a hell of a plot twist, and the moment that sent the slash community wild – Daniel Jackson in Jack’s cabin wearing only a bathrobe.

Then, of course, there’s just the sheer joy of seeing Richard Dean Anderson back in his element, bouncing off Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks, as if they’d never been apart.

What Happened Last Time?

Check out the Trailer for the award winning Stargate A.I. version 1.0

Michael Shanks returns as Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping returns as Samantha Carter
David Hewlett returns as Rodney McKay
Jewel Staite returns as Jennifer Keller

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Stargate AI v1.0
Full Video Available on Demand

Whether you missed the Stargate A.I. live stream premiere, or have been counting the days until you could relive this glorious piece of canon anarchy, that day is finally here. See the stars back in character for the first time in over a decade in an unforgettable science experiment. You’ll be laughing as much as they were!

Starring: Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Brad Wright, Marc Evan Jackson and Laurence Moroney

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