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What's Included?

Daily News and Week in Geek: We save you from the doom scroll, providing daily geek news without clickbait or commentary, as well as a weekly digest of all the latest trailers, announcements, and controversies.

Daily Long-Read Articles:  Delve into in-depth explorations of your favorite franchises, characters, and themes with our daily long-read articles you won't find anywhere else.

Full Access to Our Entire Archive: Gain access to our entire back catalog of articles and other content from the dawn of The Companion.

Extended and Exclusive Podcasts:
Our podcast lineup features a diverse range of content, including insider interviews, discussions with fandom favorites, premium audio articles, and more.

Virtual Live Events and Cast Reunions:  Join virtual events with cast and crew members, including live Q&A sessions, round table discussions, and never-before-seen reunions such as our Stargate A.I. events.

Early Access and Discounts to VIP Events: You'll be first in line, and get a discount, on our ticketed VIP events. Intimate, interactive, and one-of-a-kind celebrity events that sell out quickly.

Discounts on Shop Drops: Every so often, we'll drop some sweet limited merch based both on The Companion and our content (like Stargate A.I.).

Key Features

Light/Dark Mode and More Accessibility

Customize your viewing experience with the new Light/Dark mode and a wealth of accessibility features from dyslexia add-ons, audio-only versions, transcripts, and more.

Full List of Accessibility Features

Whether to aid with astigmatism, dyslexia, or just tired eyes after work; or to allow you to consume our content in your preferred way, this page outlines all our current features to hopefully make The Companion the best version it can be for you.

Light/Dark Mode
Yes. We have a dark mode. With the click of a button, you can flip the switch and turn our whole website from light to dark, softening the contrast, and making it easier on the eyes (as well as looking cool).

Dyslexia Extensions
For our font, we decided to go with Serif as, for most people, this allows them to read 40% longer. We know this isn't the case for everyone, however, so have pulled together some easy-to-use extensions that will work not just here but all over the internet.

Microsoft Edge

Audio Articles and Audio-Only Versions
One of our most recent additions to The Companion has been introducing immersive audio versions of our favorite pieces so if you find it difficult to read a full-length article, want a new way to experience it, or just save time while you've got other things to do: you can.

We've also provided audio-only versions of all our on-demand videos, so you can have To Boldly Ask... as a podcast or Stargate A.I. on a road trip.

Subtitles and Transcripts
All our on-demand videos are fully subtitled and we've also included written transcripts beneath each one.

If you're someone who uses a screen reader, we're committed to ensuring that all our in-article images are given alt-text so you don't miss out and can experience the fullness of our full-length articles.

Keyboard-only navigation
Our website can be navigated using solely the keyboard.

Search, Discover, and Tags

We want to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for and also stumble across something you never knew you needed.

Search via title, tag, content type, and more. You type it, it comes up. It's a search bar - you know how the internet works.

Discover Page

Our Franchise Homepages are a great starting point if you've got a particular franchise in mind. We've taken these six from member feedback on the preferred content we cover.
We know people don't always care about what a franchise is, so much as what it's saying or what they can learn from it. That's why we've also separated out some specific spotlights.
Everything Everywhere All At Once. Not the film (although we have content on that too!), it's every tag that exists on the site, for those who know exactly what they want.

Our tags are yet another delicious breadcrumb to lead you to content goodies. Below the image on each article, and then at the top of the page once you click in, we've divided our content into franchise, content type, and categories.

Franchise - Sub Franchise - Content Type - Category

Each featured image will also have a combination of the below icons, letting you know at-a-glance whether you can read, listen, watch, or attend to the content on the page.

Read. Listen. Watch. Join.

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Passwords? We don’t need no stinking passwords!

Just enter your email address at login and you’ll be emailed a unique link to sign in. Simple. Secure. And great for when your memory is overwritten by an alien repository of knowledge and you forget your password.

Who is on the Team?

Team and Authors

A few of you wanted to get to know more about our small team behind the scenes. Click here to learn more about the team that deliver you this hot content each week.

Over time, hopefully, you'll start to fall in love with a particular author's style or a podcast host's personality. Click here to find out more about them and their articles, podcasts, and videos.