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All of us at The Companion are incredibly grateful for the work you do in the NHS. As a small token of our gratitude we've created a special gift for you: an entire year of full access to our website completely free.

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When we started The Companion, we knew we wanted to bring unparalleled insider access from the Actors, Directors, Writers, and Experts of the sci-fi franchises we love. We hope you enjoy our articles, podcasts, videos, audio articles and live stream events.

What is The Companion?

Our mission is to create the most special, fun, and welcoming place where as a geek, you can be yourself and bring you closer to the creators, actors, experts...and each other.

We launched The Companion in October 2020 during lockdown on this shared belief: Geeks deserve a high quality home just like fans of sports, fashion, music, and other "premium" genres. To do this, we needed to create a platform that didn't need to chase clicks or push fake rumours. Fandom is so fractured on social media and click-bait websites. Your time is important, and so is ours.

You'll have access to our full library, now with over 250 stories from oral histories to long-form analysis on our favourite shows and films. Consider us your very own private geek library.

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Who is The Companion?

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