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The Expanse Collections

Check the doors and corners with behind the scenes stories from the creators and stars of The Expanse, as well as original episode and character analysis from deep within the fandom.

A Space Anthropologist Rates Belter and Martian Society

We spoke to a space anthropologist and discovered just how realistic the well-built and crafted Belter language and Martian culture in The Expanse really are.

35 Minutes

Clarissa Mao is a Quiet Revolution for Women in Sci-Fi

From self-weaponization to selflessness, Clarissa Mao’s arc not only comments on but challenges, the traditional role of women in science-fiction forging something altogether new.

37 Minutes

A Better Monster – The Psychology of Amos Burton

Discover the depths of Amos Burton as we speak with a Psychologist to explore the nuances of his empathy, emotions, and all-too-real depiction of trauma and dissociation.

17 Minutes

Avasarala Made Me Fall in Love with Sci-Fi Again

She’s stylish, she’s sophisticated, and she has no time for your BS. Shohreh Aghdashloo’s incomparable Chrisjen Avasarala made us fall in love with science-fiction all over again.

13 Minutes

Designing the Belter Creole Accent and Language

The lasting linguistic legacy of The Expanse is explored with accent coach Eric Armstrong, in this piece on the creation of the iconic Belter Creole.

19 Minutes

‘CQB’ – The Brutal Science of a Space Battle

Always at the forefront of fact in science-fiction, The Expanse’s CQB redeems decades of fantastical fights in space with brutality and realism.

18 Minutes

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