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Stargate | Did You Know?

Stargate SG-1‘s Michael Shanks made his small screen debut in 1993 courtesy of another sci-fi movie-turned-TV show, Highlander: The Series.

In ‘The Zone’ (S2, Ep6), the future Dr. Daniel Jackson played a mine owner’s son trying to curb his father’s corruption.

In true Daniel style… he dies.

In the 1994 Stargate movie, the alien beasts of burden were Clydesdale horses in full-body suits. The humps hid their drivers who operated an animatronic head.

In the long shot where Daniel Jackson (James Spader) is dragged across the desert, the creature is played by a dog.

(Don’t worry: according to American Humane, the horses were rotated, rested, and watered in the shade, and didn’t wear their costumes for longer than three hours.)

Stargate‘s Chris Judge and Richard Dean Anderson first acted together in a 1990 episode of MacGyver – ‘Live and Learn’ (S5, Ep13).

The future Teal’c plays Deron, a cocky football player, opposite the future Jack O’Neill.

Both are smashing the hair game.

The USAF, who worked closely with the production, vetoed a joke about Area 51 during the first season of SG-1.

The Air Force was happy with references to the facility being where SGC sent its alien tech for study but didn’t want it to look as though they were confirming conspiracy theories about the Roswell incident.

Looks like a cover-up to us…

Sam Carter’s signature ‘Micro 16’ assault rifle – nicknamed the ‘Carter Special’ – was cobbled together by the props team from parts for SG-1 Season 7 when the outbreak of the Iraq War made it harder to source ammunition for the show’s preferred FN P90. 

(In case you didn’t know: blanks are the same as a live round, only without the bullet – just a casing and charge.)

Like SGC’s very own Alfred Hitchcock, director Peter DeLuise is seen or heard in at least 31 of the 56 episodes of SG-1 that he directed.

Being an actor primarily (most famously starring opposite Johnny Depp in the original 21 Jump Street), these weren’t always limited to background cameos – in ‘Fragile Balance’ (S7, Ep3), he voices the rogue Asgardian, Loki.

In SG-1, Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran) and Vaitiare Bandera (Sha’re)’s pregnancies were both incorporated into the script so that they could keep working for as long as possible.

It would have been a bit of a plot twist for Sam Carter, however, so Amanda Tapping’s pregnancy was disguised with clever camera angles. Frankly, all three women are incredible.

After Homer Simpson voice actor Dan Castellaneta appeared in SG-1 as the titular ‘Citizen Joe’ (S8, Ep15), he struck up a friendship with Richard Dean Anderson.

Dan later wrote Rick into an episode of The Simpsons as himself – ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore’ (S17, Ep17). In Springfield for a Stargate convention (hosted by Comic Shop Guy, of course), he enrages Patty and Selma by dismissing their love for MacGyver.

In SG-1, Sgt. Siler’s regular runs of bad luck are perhaps explained by actor Dan Shea being the show’s stunt coordinator, as well as Richard Dean Anderson’s stunt double.

Stargate writer and producer, Jonathan Glassner, wanted the ‘Reetou’ (an insect-like species) to be everywhere in Stargate Command but it would have been far too expensive from a VFX standpoint.

To come in under budget, they decided to make them invisible to the human eye unless a particular light was shined on them.

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