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Star Trek Livestream Roundtable

Star Trek is about big ideas and meaningful explorations, you can’t ask those sorts of questions at conventions or Twitter without getting flamed.

Enter: Jessie Gender, Trekspertise, and Spotted Giraffe, a panel of the best voices on the Star Trek fandom online to discuss some deep topics inspired by George Takei

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Roundtable Topics Include:

  • Original Video and Topics From George Takei
  • How colleagues helped keep George Takei’s sexuality secret
  • Discussing racism in America
  • George Takei’s Political Campaign and what it could have been
A Conversation You Won’t Soon Forget.

The Continuing Mission…

Jonathan Frakes on Being “Too Woke”

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George Takei on His Own Mortality and Racism in America

Available Now

Marina Sirtis on How “Bitches Get Shit Done”

November 05, 2022 | 2pm PT

Nana Visitor | Coming Soon

To Be Announced

Robert Picardo | Coming Soon

To Be Announced

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It’s so interesting hearing Behind the Scenes stories directly from the Show Creators and Filmmakers.

Atlanta, Georgia
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It feels so different than the same questions asked at Comic Con. You get insight into things not covered or asked on a panel.

Munich, Germany
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I don’t have to travel anywhere, queue, or fork out a fortune. The Companion’s events are like an entire Comic-Con from the comfort of my home.

Lille, France
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I don’t think anwhere publishes articles like this anymore. It makes such a change from clickbait based on tweets. This is actually about something meaningful, and feels like it was written just for me.

Colchester, United Kingdom

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