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Stargate | The Best Bits from R/Scifi’s 30 Days of Stargate

With 9 days left to celebrate 30 Days of Stargate on r/scifi, check out the highlights so far from 3D-printed Jaffa helmets to indie games.

For 30 Days of Stargater/scifi has relaxed its rule on self-promotion so long as they relate directly to… well, Stargate. Simply prefix your headline with [30DOS] and you can share your photos, art, cosplay, and fiction with an incredible 3.7 million science fiction fans.

These are the highlights so far:

1. Gateroom Tycoon

Official Stargate videogames might be few and far between, but the forthcoming Windows base-building sandbox game Exogate Initiative (on Steam) clearly owes the show a debt. u/Apone426 posted: “One day I thought being in charge of a Stargate program would make one hell of a management game, and I have spent the last few years crafting my own.”

u/Apone426 spoke about the gameplay, writing, “Most of the time [off-world missions] will be offscreen, teams will handle themselves as you will already have lots of things to do in the base. But they might call you if there is something they can’t handle on their own. This will take the form of interactive micro-stories where they will describe the situation and you choose how they should proceed based on the team members’ attributes and specialty.”

2. Bringing Sexy Backswing

u/SquaredMich paid tribute to the fan-favorite ‘Window of Opportunity’ (S4, Ep6) with this beautiful artwork.

3. Saluting Samantha Carter

An amazing story about the power of role models from u/Nosynonymforsynonym, who wrote:

“Thank you, Stargate, for giving us Dr. Sam Carter. Thanks to her, I’m now a doctor myself!

“Representation sure does matter: I was obsessed with Sam since I saw her as a kid! Watching her be so badass and smart at the same time put this dream in my head of being one day like her.

“Yesterday, I defended my thesis of Astrophysics. I’m now a PhD! I’m still nowhere near as badass as her, but my graduation gift was a sword, so I’m getting there.

“Anyway, I just wanted to thank this show and this community for making me who I am today.”

4. Industrial, Lightwave, and Magic

u/Hazzenkockle wrote, “My pandemic project was a CG model of the Stargate in Lightwave 3D. I’ve recently been working on an animated overview of the model. So far, I’ve just completed the animation for the version based on how the Stargate appeared in the original movie, but animations for the SG-1 and Atlantis versions of the model are forthcoming.”

5. Jaffa, Kree!

3D printer 3Demon – u/3demonster – showed off their Anubis guard and Horus guard helmets, which took “About 65 hours of work and 150 hours of print time.”

Buried in the comments was this incredible process video.

6. We’re Still the First Prime of Stargate Analysis

Shameless? Maybe. We used the opportunity to bump our kick-ass Sam and Jacob Carter article back onto the agenda. It had been updated since it was first published and u/mooreolith picked up on the thread exploring military parents and military children: “I‘m a military brat. My little brother followed my Dad, though into a different branch. This excerpt describes pretty accurately their relationship. My brother, seeking the validation of his elders joined their club.”

u/Arthree noted: “I’ve watched SG-1 probably a dozen times and never realized, until now, how many of the stories and themes were about parents/children/family relationships.”

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