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Wizards of the Coast Seeks Injunction Against "Racist and Transphobic" Star Frontiers: New Genesis

D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast seek an injunction to prevent the distribution of “racist and transphobic” Star Frontiers: New Genesis.

Wizards of the Coast claims that the game “uses trademarks belonging to Wizards” including “Star Frontiers” and the company name “TSR.”

The company adds:

“Wizards would be irreparably harmed by the publication and distribution of the game using its trademarks because consumers may mistakenly associate Wizards with the reprehensible context of the game, damaging its reputation and goodwill and undermining its efforts to foster a culture that embraces diversity around its games.”

Wizards of the Coast’s motion for a preliminary injunction, noted for consideration on Sept. 30, 2022, was filed in the United States District Court in Seattle, Washington.

Both of the following threads are essential reading (c/w for racism and transphobia):

The company currently operating under the name TSR – known to those following the story as “nuTSR” – has no connection with the original, which Wizards of the Coast acquired in 1997 along with its best-known product, Dungeons & Dragons, and the rest of its product library. This library includes the original Star Frontiers, a science fiction roleplaying game first released in 1982, and still sold by Wizards of the Coast via DriveThruRPG.

Star Frontiers: New Genesis – described as a “reboot” of the Wizards of the Coast-owned property – was distributed for playtesting earlier in 2022, leading to widespread coverage of the game’s offensive content, which Wizards of the Coast describe as “blatantly racist and transphobic.”

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