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Eaglemoss Collectors Breathe Easy as Delivering Enterprise-D is a Priority

‘Build the Enterprise-D’ could be picked up by another company after sci-fi model manufacturer Eaglemoss files for bankruptcy.

In a wide-reaching interview with, Ben Robinson, the company’s former Director of Licensed Products, offered a glimmer of hope for collectors.

Eaglemoss is over, but that doesn’t mean that the individual collections or individual projects don’t have a future… Theoretically, another company could come in and take over any of the collections or any of the licenses…

Even though the [Eaglemoss] wasn’t able to sustain it and toppled over, that doesn’t mean that the individual projects are not profitable. And it doesn’t mean that somebody else wouldn’t be interested in picking them up.

Ben Robinson, Eaglemoss’ former Director of Licensed Products.

Robinson confirmed that his concern – as well as the concern of Star Trek rights holder CBS – is to honor their commitments to customers of the Enterprise-D partworks, of which as many as 25 of the total 31 parts had already been shipped.

The Build the Enterprise-D is the obvious one we are concerned about… Theoretically, CBS can go to another company and say “We will work with you to complete this collection.” And that company could then supply the remaining parts to all the subscribers and could continue to recruit new people… The first priority is the people who are left with an incomplete model, and CBS completely agree what we must try to do is sort them out first.

Ben Robinson, Eaglemoss’ former Director of Licensed Products.

The full interview is well worth reading.

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