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Announcing Jewel Staite: Uplifting Women in Film & TV

Join us for a live video interview and audience Q&A with the incredible Jewel Staite, hosted by Alysia Judge on Saturday, 14th May at 10am Pacific/ 1 pm Eastern/ 6 pm UK/ 7 pm Central Europe.

In Jewel Staite: Uplifting Women in Film and TV you’ll hear all about her life and career, from growing up with The X-Files to learning about the awesome power of fandom on Firefly and Stargate Atlantis.

Current Members of The Companion you have your place reserved already, so feel free to get straight into submitting questions for Jewel to answer during the livestream. We will provide the private invite link on the day of the event shortly before we go live.

Whether you’re a woman looking to take your first steps in the industry or a Browncoat jonesing for some behind-the-scenes hilarity, this livestream will have it covered.

Record a voice recording of your question to Jewel here, or feel free to type it out in the comments below. We will also have a live chat available during the event and we will try to cover as many as we can!

From her breakout role as 15-year-old Amy (although she was only 13) in The X-Files episode ‘Oubliette’, Jewel Staite is a true geek icon. As well as guest spots on Supernatural and Warehouse 13, and a recurring role on Bryan Fuller’s Wonderfalls, Jewel is, of course, best known for her portrayal of chirpy mechanic Kaylee Frye in Firefly and its 2005 movie Serenity. She made her Stargate Atlantis debut in 2005 as the Wraith child Ellia before shedding the prosthetics to return for Season 4 and 5 as the expedition’s chief medical officer, Jennifer Keller.

For more on the incredible Jewel Staite herself, listen to her podcast interview with Stargate TV series co-creator Brad Wright:

Check out Brad’s past podcast guests…

Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1) – Brad reveals he has written lines for Daniel Jackson recently, Michael explains how he made Daniel his own, as well as covering the enduring enigma of Richard Dean Anderson, and how a lightning storm nearly took out the Nox.

Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary, Supernatural) – Amanda and Brad recall her audition, share their memories of the late Don S. Davies, and address the problematic aspects of early SG-1 episodes, ‘Children of the Gods’ and ‘Emancipation’.

David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis, The Shape of the Water) – David revealed how he repeatedly pranked Jason Momoa on set and shared his experience of working with director Guillermo del Toro. Brad also teased that whilst the original cast – including McKay – will be “around”, the long-mooted new Stargate series will focus on a new, younger team.

Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1) – Ben shares a hilarious story of bunking with Richard Dean Anderson in the Arctic, reveals an embarrassing encounter with Dustin Hoffman as a young actor, and talks about the scriptwriting process behind his two episodes of Farscape, ‘Green Eyed Monster’ and ‘John Quixote’.

Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager, Stargate Atlantis) – In this podcast you can enjoy Robert asking the important question, “why are bald men in sci-fi so sexy”, listen to them discuss the sale of MGM to Amazon, and hear an amazing story about Jack Lemmon, rubber vomit, a pornographic photo.

Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Travelers) – The star of Netflix’s Travelers joins Brad to reveal the plans for Travelers Season 4 and compare notes on sitcoms vs sci-fi.

Naren Shankar (The Expanse, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Farscape writer/producer) – Brad and Naren discuss their time working together on The Outer Limits, what it is like working with Amazon, the science in Star Trek, as well as how to create alien weaponry with common gardening equipment.

Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate SG-1, Dark Matter writer/producer) – Relive the creative high of the Stargate writers’ room with Brad and Joe, get an update on the Dark Matter mini-series, and discover how a pitch goes from spec to screenplay to screen.

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