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Podcast | The Necessary Lives of Expendable Droids - Episode 8

Force Center Databank Dive The Companion
10 Episodes

ForceCenter’s Ken Napzok and Joseph Scrimshaw return to The Companion for Databank Dive Episode 8.

The Pit Droids sure don’t seem like the most effective assistants to have around a dangerous workshop given how clumsy they are, but they seem to be in high demand on Tattooine! This week Ken and Joseph take a look at those loveable cyclopses!

If you’re looking for more Star Wars, then look no further than The Companion’s Chris Hallam who has written all about the Pit Droids, so close that Wookiepedia tab RIGHT NOW and read our article instead.

What is Databank Dive?

In each episode of Databank Dive, Ken and Joseph pick a random entry from’s databank or the Wookieepedia Star Wars dictionary and discuss whatever they find with insight, humor, and inclusive exploration of the very wide, weird galaxy far, far away.

If you like what they do, you can follow them on Twitter and support them on Patreon. We promise that every single episode will leave you with a poodoo-eating grin plastered across your face.

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