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Week in Geek | Star Trek, Star Wars, and Expanse Games for 2022

Week in Geek is The Companion‘s weekly digest of all the latest trailers, announcements, controversies, spicy memes, and more. Not everyone has the time or inclination to sit on social media all day staying on top of this… but we do and we need to justify the time we’ve wasted.

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What We’re Looking At

Mondo’s exclusive 24″ x 36″ screenprint brings this classic Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta panel from Mighty Thor #160 to life in all its cosmic grandeur. Hail to the King.

What We’re Talking About

Sci-fi geeks were spoilt for announcements at this year’s Game Awards. Here we go:

First up, Star Trek: Resurgence is being developed by ex-Telltale Games folk at Dramatic Labs. It promises a Telltale-style branching narrative adventure with phaser blastic, shuttle piloting, and SPOCK!
Meanwhile, the current owners of the Telltale name announced The Expanse: A Telltale Series, in which you play the steely Camina Drummer, as voiced by the sublime Cara Gee, seeing off a Belter mutiny.
Neither under the Telltale name nor boasting the signature Telltale style, Dune is returning to the RTS genre it helped birth with Dune: Spice War. True to Frank Herbert’s world, it promises a Machiavellian political dimension.
A tie-in of a very different stripe as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 was suddenly announced, some ten years after the original. Let the Tyrannid killing commence. Hats off to Eurogamer for the headline “Here’s a bolter from the blue…”
Last but absolutely not least, we got a cinematic trailer for Star Wars: Eclipse which is set firmly during the High Republic era some two centuries prior to the Prequel Trilogy.

What We’re Watching

All eyes are on the moody new Japanese trailer for The Batman some fans reckon the final seconds tease the Clown Prince of Crime.

What We’re Buying*

*These aren’t sponsored, we don’t get a cut, and nobody sends us freebies. It’s just some cool stuff we’re lusting over hard.

I get it. Nobody reading this will die for Power Rangers, but porcine antagonist Pudgy Pig (rude!) has joined the 6″ Lightning Collection from Hasbro and that’s something. Where else can you find adjustable trotters?

Available for $31.99 in the US and £33.99 in the UK.

Fancy a replica Star Trek: First Contact Borg Queen skull and spinal column signed by Alice Krige herself?

Well, rummage around down the back of your cube for a mere $1,449.99 US (approx £1,094 UK).

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