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Richard Dean Anderson is Coming to The Companion | Update 15

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One year on from the launch of The Companion, and we’ve created an impressive tally of four Stargate videos, six Stargate podcasts, three Stargate live events, four Stargate quizzes, one Stargate choose-your-own-adventure game (yeah, that happened), and over 50 articles celebrating our favorite science fiction series.

We’ve also broken four news stories relating to the potential new Stargate show and even made the news with Stargate AI.

We revealed the rise and fall of Stargate Worlds and its plan to show us the Furlings, and the making of the overlooked Stargate sequel novels of Bill McKay that brought us a very different Hathor and the further adventures of Jack O’Neil-with-one-L.

You cried with us over Sam Carter’s thawing relationship with her father and Jack O’Neill’s long battle with grief, and you cheered as Daniel Jackson taught us how to love our sometimes frustrating, sometimes inspiring neurodivergent brains.

If you’ve not listened to Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi podcast yet, check out past episodes with  Michael Shanks (SG-1), Amanda Tapping (SG-1, Supernatural, Sanctuary), Ben Browder (SG-1, Farscape), Robert Picardo (SGA, Star Trek: Voyager), David Hewlett (SGA, The Shape of Water), Travelers lead Eric McCormack, and Naren Shankar, writer/producer of The Expanse, Farscape and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

There’s a wealth of great releases for you to explore on the Stargate feed.

We might be taking forceful strides into November, but we’re not yet done. As we lock our chevrons for 2022, we’ve got a few great Stargate releases to see out the year…

Gate Expectations: Releases to Look Out For

If you missed the Stargate A.I. Premiere, or simply want to relive the anarchic brilliance of the cast readthrough, then watch this space.

We’re just applying a finishing squirt of whipped cream to make the release the tastiest it can possibly be for November 23rd.

In the next episode of Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi, the Stargate showrunner is catching up with Atlantis star, Firefly favorite, and genuine genre veteran Jewel Staite.

Also coming up on a future episode of Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi, is Stargate writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi.

Currently developing Brian McLellan’s epic Powder Mage novels for TV and working on a miniseries to wrap up his Syfy hit Dark Matter, this promises to be over an hour of rare insights from two creators at the top of their field.

As promised, Richard Dean Anderson – the Notorious RDA (I’m making this a thing) – is joining the season finale of Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi.

The man behind Jack O’Neill is an elusive presence online and with his last con appearance way back in 2019, this is going to be HUGE.

Things You Might Not Know About The Companion

There’s a members’ Discord, it’s very Stargate heavy and I really need someone to come and talk to me about Doctor Who. See you there?

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