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Stargate A.I. Is Your Leader Now | Companion Update 14

We were foolish to think that we could ever control Stargate A.I.– after all, it’s consumed every single episode of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe so it not only knows all the dumb things alien invaders typically do but how mankind thwarts them.

Not that we would ever want to resist. Already the A.I. has gobbled up Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, and Brooklyn 99‘s Marc Evan Jackson, and made them better, stronger, and much much funnier. 

And more coherent? Well, no, but coherence is a misguided human concept best left in the Dark Ages prior to the rise of Stargate A.I. But you’ll see for yourself at the online world premiere on November 6th.

Meanwhile… this is the story of how we got here. The Genesis of Stargate A.I., if you like…

How it Began (aka You Fools, What Have You Done?) 😱

How the New Script Project Began – A.I. Diary 1

Stargate co-creator Brad Wright had a brainwave – an all-new Stargate script written by A.I. – and our co-founder Lawrence agonized over how we could possibly deliver on it.


How Does Artificial Intelligence Write New Stargate?

Utterly perplexed, editor James caught up with Janelle Shane, an expert in Artificial Intelligence to try and understand the scope of the challenge.


What Happened Next (aka How We Learned to Stop Screaming and Obey the Robot) 🥺

How the GPT-3 A.I. Wrote its First ‘Starcake’ Script

Janelle Shane revealed her experiment on a Stargate script, using GPT-3 – the hilarious ‘Starcake SG-Bun’ and explained how it came to be.


We’re Going to Need a Bigger Bot – A.I. Diary 2

With GPT-3 clearly not up to the task, Lawrence meets Laurence Moroney, a diehard Stargate fan and lead A.I. advocate at Google.


Now Applaud or You’ll Be the First to be Harvested for Parts 👏

See you there!

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