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David Hewlett and Brad Wright Talk Stargate Atlantis and the Lost SGU Movie

You’re currently listening to a special 30-minute version of Brad Wright’s Conversations in Sci-Fi Episode 4, but for diehard Stargate fans, there’s a 79-minute extended cut available only to members of The Companion.

In it, the co-creator of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe reveals details of an unmade Stargate movie that would have seen David Hewlett’s Rodney McKay involved in a crossover effort to recover the seemingly doomed crew of Destiny, left hurtling hopelessly through space in the finale of SGU Season 2…

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Featured Image of Sam Carter Article

Sam Carter: A Father’s Battle, A Daughter’s War | Stargate SG-1

For the first time their eyes meet through the frosted sheet of ice and it begins to crack. With understanding comes opportunity. For us this often comes as a means to repair relationships and heal old wounds, but Stargate being Stargate, it arrives in a far more fantastical guise.

Stargate SG-1 | Jack O’Neill Living with Loss

On the surface, SG-1 is about our four explorers charting the vast network of stars, but at its core are the human relationships each hero needs to work through. At this centre is lead character Jack O’Neill and how he deals with the death of his son.

Brad Wright’s Rules for Sci-Fi

Stargate TV series co-creator Brad Wright shows us how sci-fi needs rules, why they work, and what it is like to create them in your fictional universe.

7 Behind the Scenes Pics (and the Stories Behind Them) From SG1’s FX Man | Stargate

In the process of talking to John, we watched him rummage around to find a dusty external hard drive absolutely rammed with unique behind-the-scenes photos which had gone unseen for over a decade. We’re excited to present seven of them to you here…

Stargate SG-1 | Hollywood Kawoosh on a Vancouver Budget

KAWOOSH! KAWOOSH! This being the noise the Stargate’s unique, liquid effect made as it activated. It’s iconic, it’s weird and John and his crew had to not only recreate it on a TV budget, but do so weekly, at the same time as not contradicting the movie or alienating an element of the still nascent SG-1 fandom.

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    The Companion is Where Stargate Happens

    This isn’t the first time one of our scoops has left fandom reeling.

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