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Brad Wright and Michael Shanks Reunite for Exclusive Interview

You’re currently listening to a special 35-minute version, but for diehard fans, there’s a 75-minute extended cut available only to Companion members in which Michael explains how he made Daniel his own, the enduring enigma of Richard Dean Anderson, and how a lightning storm nearly took out the Nox.

The Companion Breaks the Stories that Matter

This isn’t the first time that The Companion has released scoops that left fandom reeling.

– We signed up Brad Wright to write his take on Star Wars and Superman

– He also shared the first concrete details on the new Stargate series – news that made it to Syfy Wire and

– We wrote a tear-jerking deep dive on the Sam Carter and Jacob Carter relationship that was voted Best Digital Original Content 2020 by the Stargate subreddit

– Only last week, our hit Stargate podcast with writer/producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed that Jason Momoa hadn’t even thrown a punch before he was cast on Stargate Atlantis.

– Beyond the Gate, we asked Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige about a second season of WandaVision, and his answer made the front page of

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