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How Stargate Atlantis Made an Aquaman Out of Momoa | Companion Update 9

Stunt choreographer turned director James ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford has a résumé that reads like a superhero finishing school. From early credits as a stuntman on the X-Men movies to his long association as fight coordinator and then director on The CW’s Arrow (2012-2020), Bamford has taken punches for Wolverine and taught Green Arrow how to throw them.

Bamford appears as a special guest on our new podcast, Gaters Gonna Rate with Joseph Mallozzi, to discuss his work as stunt co-ordinator on Stargate Atlantis which made three of the five top spots in our countdown through Stargate’s best hand-to-hand combat scenes, as chosen by you. (No spoilers, you’ll have to wait for the episode to drop so subscribe here and give us a rating!)

For the show’s second season, the cast was joined by the 26-year old Jason Momoa who is now petty much Hollywood’s go-to-guy for low-tech/high aggression warriors like Conan the Barbarian, Khal Drogo, the trident-swirling Aquaman, and of course SGA’s resident bad-ass, Ronon Dex. It’s sometimes tough to remember that before Atlantis, Momoa was best known for spending two years on Baywatch

“Jason hadn’t thrown a punch – ever – when I met him,” Bamford tells Mallozzi on the podcast. “It’s the same thing we did with Stephen Amell [Oliver Queen in Arrow], it’s the same method that I’d apply to any actor who wasn’t a martial artist.”

The ‘Bamford method’, which he proudly describes as “experimental” tailored the character’s fighting style towards the actor’s strengths, and “pushed him to the limit” to fight in double-time with his Satedan sword at a pace common to Hong Kong martial arts cinema – and all but new to North American filmmaking.  After four years working together, the young Baywatch star who hadn’t thrown a punch had become a superhero-in-waiting, ready to go from Stargate Atlantis to Monarch of Atlantis.

“Jason would quite often, even if we were going with what I like to call ‘slow with flow’ pace to smooth it out to begin with [in rehearsals], ramp it up pretty quickly, which is key from taking a fight sequence to looking like it’s choreography into the position where it looks like an actual fight. The timing, the speed, and aggression – Momoa would immediately apply all those things so if you put somebody in ‘the ring’ with him – they better be ready to go.”

The full episode of Gaters Gonna Rate with Joseph Mallozzi drops Tuesday, but we’ve got a little teaser trailer with your name on it right here. Subscribe and rate to make sure you don’t miss out!

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