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The Star Trek/Stargate Crossover Quiz | Stargate

At this point it’s more remarkable if a series hasn’t shared cast members with Star Trek or made some reference to it, given how long the various shows in the Roddenverse have run for. All the same, the self-aware nature of Stargate has ensured that the series has more than its fair share of in-jokes, cameos and Easter eggs.

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Editor’s note:

When we launched The Companion, one of the first things you guys told us was that you wanted quizzes and you wanted trivia. Well, we listened. This is still a work in progress, we’re still testing the tech and we need you to keep telling us what you want. So far you’ve asked for a device to reveal which answers you got wrong and you’d also like a league table to burnish your geek cred. Those are at the top of our list, but for now, find those answers below for a quick fix. See you in the comments.

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