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Companion Update

Daily (Beta) Timeline, Quizzes and Orville Nation | Companion Update 5

Hey Companions! 

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, hope you were able to stuff yourself full of delicious food! 

And now that you’ve all had a few days to recover from your food coma (or weekend coma, which is not a thing, but I need a transition ok…?) you’ll now see “a few upgrades” to the Companion App. The team and I will be updating you more frequently on tech changes, content updates like, “Why don’t quizzes have answers…” We also want to make these updates fun…

I warned the team I would stick a photo of a unicorn in the first post to make it more fun. James didn’t believe me. Take that!


Daily (Beta) Timeline

I know we all love the long-reads, but sometimes my iPhone falls on my face as I doze off when reading an article in bed. Other times, I need a shorter hit of sci-fi fun in the morning so I have to save that double SeaQuest feature for the evening (cue iPhone into face). 

To account for this, you’ll have noticed we introduced quizzes (more on that in a sec), more trivia and next we’ll be adding news. We need a new feed for this! 

We’re going to trial a Daily (Beta) feed in December packed with the insights, news, quizzes, trivia, and jokes from our awesome guests. Check back D-A-I-L-Y!

Stargate Timeline will now be chronological 

Thanks for the feedback and I take full responsibility for the terrible idea, Ian. 

And Holly, don’t worry we aren’t abandoning the book concept. 

Quiz Answers

They were fun, but they could be funner with answers! We’re going to look into a new quiz solution. For now, check the comments section and we’ll post the answers there just for you amazing members 🙂

Brad Wright AMA Video, Transcript and Extra Q+A

If you told me 10 years ago I’d be hanging out on Zoom with Brad for 2 hours, I would be like, “What’s Zoom?!” 😉. 

GIF capturing the reaction of Brad Wright and Lawrence Kao to the results of the quiz

We’ll be releasing the transcript this week. Brad also answered more questions for all of us so we’re prepping that in the Gateroom as I type.

And the video? It’s starting to look pretty good, but we want to make it a really slick production. Coming sooooon. 

Lawrence on Orville Nation this past Sunday! 

This weekend, PJ the host of Orville Nation invited me onto his YouTube channel to talk about the Companion. PJ’s also a member of The Companion! We had a fun and deep discussion around the app and content creation. If you’re a YouTuber, blogger, photographer or any kind of content creator, I think you’ll enjoy it – link here:

Feedback on these updates are always welcome. Hope you’re all staying positive and testing negative.


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Lawrence Kao is the Co-Founder of The Companion. He’s been working in the technology and media space since 2003.

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