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Introducing the Stargate Feed | Companion Update

From the moment we announced our intention to conduct a dive into Stargate SG-1 so deep it was going to make your toes go funky, the requests came in for a dedicated feed that would separate out the content. Well, we listened. 

Oh boy, we listened.

If you’re on the app just cast your eyes up to the menu, you’ll see it. The chevrons have been locked and the Stargate Feed is here. Not only will Stargate articles continue to appear in the main feed alongside incredible new interviews and analysis on a whole host of ‘90s sci-fi shows and movies, but each article will take its proper place in the Stargate Feed to show the numbered chapters of our Stargate Companion book as they’re released.

Over the next few months, you’ll see this ambitious project come to life, serialized here on The Companion exclusively for the true fans – our members. Keep checking back, because we’re even going to be teasing new chapters before they launch.

Tommy, who laid it out on the gurney and shot it full of lightning, has prepared a demo to take you through the new feed. How it works and how it can be customized:

If you prefer a cleaner Companion experience and want to get rid of the Stargate Feed, or want to change the order so that it becomes your default page, you can do that in the settings. Both boxes are checked in blue, to dismiss the Stargate Feed simply uncheck that box and to make the Stargate Feed your home feed, drag the text above General Feed and drop.

This isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade, the Stargate Feed is integral to our masterplan and a massive part of what will make The Companion experience unique. Though we have a structure in mind for the Stargate Companion and we know roughly the stories that need to be told, we need your help in choosing the takes that reflect the show best because nobody knows it better than you.

So please tell us what resonates most about your favourite characters, what thought-provoking concepts you’d like to see us explore, and what unanswered questions from the saga are in dire need of investigation. Drop into the comments or holla on social media because if this update proves anything, it’s that we listen.

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James Hoare is editor of The Companion. He has been “working in publishing” since the early 1990s when he made his own Doctor Who fanzine to sell in the school playground.

You can find him on Twitter @JDHoare

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