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Did You Know... Digest

Did You Know… Digest 1 | Stargate SG-1, Jurassic Park, Total Recall & more

Trivia is a dirty word in these parts. We believe that discovery casts fresh light on the shows and movies that you cherish, rewards repeat viewing and offers a glimpse into the character of the creators. They’re fascinating and surprising, but they’re never trivial because a great Did You Know… can be the spark for an evening of great pub banter or kick off a debate on a WhatsApp group. This is the place where these things matter.

We never settle for a quick scan of wiki, our Did You Know… facts come from first-hand interviews and some deep-dive research undertaken by our master word-wranglers.

Every potential Did You Know… passes stringent selection criteria and is measured against six vital questions in order to capture that rush of ‘OMG I absolutely have to tell my BFF about this’. They’re revealed one-by-one on The Companion app, but don’t appear on the website’s content feed so we’ve collected them here in the debut Did You Know… Digest so that you can catch up and share them with your friends. 

We’ve also included some bonus cuts that haven’t appeared on The Companion before.

Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park wears outfits that match characters from The Goonies. Kathleen Kennedy was the producer on both.
In Total Recall (1990), the ‘high-tech’ computers on the guards’ wrists are actually just scientific calculators.
Stargate SG-1 Co-Creator Jonathan Glassner wanted the ‘Reetou’ (an insect-like species) to be everywhere in Stargate Command, but it would have been far too expensive from a VFX standpoint. To come in under budget, they decided to make them invisible to the human eye unless a particular light was shined on them. It ended up creating a lot more suspense.

Facts From the Cutting Room Floor

We create way more DYKs than we actually use, but not all of them make it through our rigorous six-point checklist. Of all the bruised plums in our icebox, these two are our favorites (well some people’s favorites) so check them out. 

Did we get it wrong? Would you share these with your buddies? Is our checklist too tough? Leave a comment and let us know.

The hidden Resistance symbol in Rose’s ring is a reference to the hidden Cross of Lorraine (a symbol of The French Resistance) in Berger’s ring from Casablanca.
The humanoid green alien cutouts used in the assault course are a reference to the humanoid allies of the bugs in Robert A. Heinlein’s original novel.

ShoutoutsA huge thanks to Mark Rae, Adam Green, and Yoshiko Smith, three of our Kickstarter backers who made The Companion possible!

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