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Companion Update

Share Articles with Friends for Free | Companion Update

It’s been 3 months since we launched…wait, 1 week? Only 1 week? Okay, I’m kidding, but the combination of launching The Companion coinciding with lockdown certainly puts a bizarre time warp on things, doesn’t it? 

Sharing Feature in App

Have you shared any of our articles with your friends? 

One member benefit is the ‘SHARE FEATURE IN APP,’ which allows you to share any story to your friends, without the need for a login. We decided to build this feature because our stories often kick off serious conversations amongst the team and we hope it can do that for you and your friends too. 

We’re testing this now, so please share this with your Facebook groups and Whatsapp chats.

A Few Shoutouts For Feedback

Normally, we shout out our Kickstarter backers in our articles but this is an update, so instead, I’d like to thank a few folks that have given us great feedback 📣 Brett, Robert, David, Michael, Garrett, Graham, William and Krzysztof.

In the spirit of feedback, here’s a very short 9-question survey on the content this past week – Click Here.

Upcoming Content

Your survey responses are going to be so important in how we shape content starting from Week 5 and onwards. In the meantime, we have a pipeline of new stories in development which include:

Image: Universal Pictures

Changing Faces of Sci-Fi Heroes Throughout the 90s.

An academic analysis from Jurassic Park to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Waterworld – It wasn’t the disaster you think it was.

Image: UKTV

We also have stories in development for Batman Forever, The X-Files and Red Dwarf. And for the members who don’t know Red Dwarf (folks like me from the US) this fun story will make you want to give the series a try.  We’ll have some more exciting Stargate stories of course, so you won’t want to miss those.

Plus, we’ll start to kick off other content including some “Did You Know?” Trivia to add to your sci-fi knowledge.

We are also always keen to chat in the comments – Is there anything we can do to spark a discussion? Let us know 🙂

One More Thing…

The last thing we wanted to address is what’s happening in the industry, particularly the closing of Kotaku and Gizmodo UK this past Wednesday. With the beloved Den of Geek UK and SciFiNow Magazine also having shut earlier this year, we feel for our peers and we’re even more honored that you’re here with us.

Testimonial Author Image

Lawrence Kao, is the Co-Founder of The Companion. He’s been working in the technology and media space since 2003.

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